FO; bunny and WIP: poppins scarf

Here is the bunny I made yesterday, from this pattern I used ElCheapo brand squeaky acrylic yarn, and red heart pink furry stuff for the ears and tail. On the pattern, I did the alternate tail with the icord, and I think it turned out very cute. My picture of the tail is H U G E, and I can’t rezise it without losing picture quality so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The second pictures are of my mary poppins-ish scarf. The yarn is from Blue Heronyarns, and it’s like string! In the pick you can see how big the ball is… it;'s over 500 yards! The lace pattern was suggested by rebecca ( :heart: ) , but there are several other similar pattern links on this thread --thank you to everyone who offered!!! I’m knitting it on size 15s!

It’s hard to see the pattern because it’s only 3 inches high, and because it’s not blocked, but I really like how it’s turning out. Once it’s finished i’ll try to get a better picture of the yarn… it’s So pretty, all red and ornage and gold and purple and yellow. There is a picture of the yarn on this page It’s the top one called TULIP, but it doesn’t show the gold and yellow in the swatch. It’s a beaded rayon yarn, AND it’s from Easton, Maryland, so you people who live in that area (cate, ekg!) GO CHECK THEM OUT. I think all of their yarns are gorgeous!!! Ironcially, I found it at chix with sticks when I was there with KK over the weekend. They have retailers all over the US, but you can also buy it from this site (click on “blue heron” and then the rayon ricrack link to see my yarn) But the prices at chix are a little better.

Anyway, NOW pictures.

Cute, Hildie! Your pictures are [size=7]HUGE[/size] :roflhard:

:smiley: Lovin’ the bunny!!! If I weren’t knitting socks as fast as I can for my daughter’s Easter basket, I would have to throw in that bunny, too…it’s TOO CUTE!!!
I can’t wait to see Hilde Poppins in the scarf :wink:

The bunny is adorable–and so big I feel threatened! :shock:

The Poppins scarf is going to be adorable!

how did you get your bunny to stand up?


The bunny is cute! I love the fuzzy ears!! And, the scarf – gorgeous! I :heart: that yarn – I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!


I have a 17 inch monitor… so they’re not stretching out my screen… :oops:

Momwolf, I thinnk I overstuffed the bunny: the seams are really tight, and my stitches are spread out. I think that’s why it stands up. KKs bunnies are softer.

I am desperate for poppins to be done! But I am using it as my mindless knitting relief project. After 200 tows of stockinette I’ll need something like that!

I have a 17 in monitor and they stretch out my screen…must be your resolution.

That scarf is going to be gorgeous and the bunny is adorable!


I love the attack bunny!

And ultra cool scarf you have going on there!

Cute Attack bunny! That scarf looks like it will be pretty when finished!

AAACK! I think I may have a nightmare tonight about being attacked by a giant bunny with pink fuzzy ears… :shock:
It’s too cute!!!
I love the yarn you’re using for your scarf…can’t wait to see the FO.

That bunny is too cute–it needed to be seen all at once, so I took pity on your resizing problems. I hope you don’t mind. :wink:

The scarf yarn is fantastic, I love the colours!!! :heart:

The bunny is cute too! :thumbsup:

thank you ingy!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Cute bunny and beautiful scarf! That lace pattern is lovely!


I love the scarfette! Oh and I know Im late but your Tubey was insipring.

I thought that was gonna stay between US, Hild!! :oops:



Your bunny looks FANTASTIC…and I cant even IMAGINE how long that scarf is gonna be!! Its PREEEEETY!


And why won’t my computer do COLORS AND BIG FONT DARN IT

I just tried to do a pink message with my bunny picture and it wouldn’t take… I’m jexed.


I have to make some bunnies. Did you see my bunny under Happy Easter?


[color=pink][/color] did that work ?

Is pink available?

well i can’t do it either


[color=pink][size=6]I got pink!!![/size][/color] I didn’t get Hilde’s link to the yarn though. :frowning: Cute bunny {killer or otherwise}, and that lace looks just difficult enough to keep your mind from turning to mush on endless stockinette.