FO: Buggy Mitts for Danny

Here is the first Buggy Mitt from the free pattern offered from Morehouse ad that shows on this forum. I used K1P1 ribbing for 5 rows and then seed stitch for the cuff, stockinette stitch for the thumb gusset and thumb, some more seed stitch and then finished the decreasing at the top with stockinette stitch. I added sequins and acrylic beads for the eyes and crocheted 5 chain stitches for the antenna. It was a fun and easy pattern. I made this one up last night while watching television and will start the second one today. It’s fun because you can use a variety of stitches and colored yarn ~ good for leftovers!

How adorable and I bet he loves them too!

I decided to take off the sequin and bead eyes and made french knots in the blue instead. That way he can’t chew on them. He likes things that are shiny and jewelry, so it will be safer that way. It was so cute this year at Christmas. He would walk over to the Christmas tree and make little hand gestures like “Oh goody! Look at all the pretty lights and ornaments!” It was so cute. I don’t know how else to describe it. :hug:

That is just too cute!!

Very cute!

Adorable! :heart:

Thanks for the nice compliments everybody! :heart: