FO: Bubble St Cardi and Hat

I finished this little set very recently and will be giving it away at a baby shower tomorrow. The new mommy used to be my neighbor and I taught her to knit, so she is special.

An old pattern I did once before. Tiny yarn and lots of stitches but interesting to do.

How sweet and such a thoughtful gift. I think mommy and baby will both like that set. Beautiful work!

:yay: :yay: :yay:

Aww how cute is that! I’m sure she’ll love it!

That is lovely. It looks so soft and squeezable. Really beautiful work and you know another knitter will certainly appreciate it.

Great combo and positively perfect to boot. What color is it exactly?

What color is it exactly?

I would say it ranks as a shade of blue, but it is a very muted shade, kind of a blue/grey. As I was working at times it seemed kind of dingy to me but I like it now. A nice change from regular baby blue.

That [I]is[/I] a nice color, and I bet the picture doesn’t do it justice!


This is such an adorable set, Judy! Wonderful gift!!!

It’s lovely!

Oh, I love that! I just did a baby sweater myself, but that is super cute! Love the hat!

The sweater/hat set is adorable, and I especially like the buttons.

aww, baby stuff :slight_smile: I just want to hug it, it looks so soft :slight_smile:

Awww…what an adorable set!!! Lovely job!!