FO:Broomstick Gilet

Here is another broomstick item…this time its for me …hve combined some left over off white n green khakhi cotton threads and i hve used both knitting n crochet to realise it …its fit me very well n many colleagues has asked to make for them but cant say if i wud hve enough time bcoz its took 1 complete month n i hve others works on waiting list.

Very pretty!!

It came out great!:thumbsup:

Very nice! I really like how you combined the knitting and crochet :thumbsup:

:yay: :yay: Nice, very nice…never seen the broomstick done smaller. It’s really very pretty and dainty! Love the color combo, too!

How cute is that! I love the colors! It looks so soft!

Very pretty! Love the colors.


Thanks to alls of u who has appreciated my work…i hve attached two knitting needles size 6.5mm at the bottom with cellotape, to get a smaller broomstick pattern.

Beautiful job!! I love how it turned out.

Looks very intricate – kudos to you!

I really like it! Nice job! :yay:

Very beautiful work! The colors you selected are very classy and I love them together! This will be a timeless classic!