FO: Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf (lace)

Just finished blocking my Brooke’s Column of Leaves Scarf. Yep, this one is all mine! Whoo hoo!


Hi Marni,
Your scarf is beautiful:cheering: and I love the color!
What yarn is it? Did it take you very long to do??

The link that you provided, doesn’t go to the pattern, can you give it to us again??


Yes, tell us the color is gorgeous and so is the pattern.

Beautiful work, Marni!

A lovely scarf!

Simply gorgeous. Is that colour called watermelon… sure looks like it and I love that colour. You did a great job!

beautiful. Good work

Thanks and Oops… sorry about that bad link; it’s fixed now.

The yarn isn’t anything special: Lion Brand MicroSpun which is “An ultra soft microfiber sports yarn” and the color is “Cherry Red” and can be purchased at Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, Hancock Fabrics… you should not pay more than $3.49. My finished scarf weighs 4.5oz so I used roughly 1¾ skeins and when held up by one end it is just as tall as me so it’s abou 5’5" long.

:knitting::x:The [I]first[/I] scarf I made took approximately 20 minutes to knit all 8 rows of one repeat. For the second scarf (this one), I concentrated on learning/understanding the stitches more and I was able to reduce the time it took to knit 1 repeat to more like 13-15 minutes since I wasn’t constantly looking at the pattern and moving my pattern marker from one line to the next. There are 48 repeats in this scarf so [I]not[/I] including the cast on, the 8 beginning/ending garter stitch rows and the bind off knitting the actual repeats that form the leaf pattern probably took about 12 hours. Not exactly a fast scarf, but worth it!

Looks lovely. Great color.

That’s beautiful! I’m thinking of trying that one myself.

What a pretty scarf! I just love the vibrant color!

Looks great! Microspun is so soft and comes in such nice bright colors.

:happydance: very pretty!!

Beautiful! One of my favorite patterns!