FO: Broadripple Socks

The label for this yarn is in a stash box, so I don’t have it right now. :blush: But it’s glittery! :cheering: Ang (Countingsheep) sent it to me, and I made some broadripple socks with them! :heart: The pattern is from knitty.

:smiley: They look GREAT :thumbsup:


Those look great! :thumbsup:
I’m working on the 2nd one right now.

Very pretty!!

Very nice! You did a good job with matching the pair and I like the eyelet and scallop cuff on that pattern.

Great job, Cate!

So sparkly!! :thumbsup:

Ohhhh…I really like the glitter! Very cute.


Glitter, stripes, waves, eyelets… wow, something for everybody! Great job.