FO: Bricks of Atlantis

I finally got around to designing and knitting a hat for my Lorna’s Laces yarn! The color I have is Baltic Sea, so I wanted to design something that reminded me of the ocean. Since I’m in Australia, I breifly considered doing something that would be reminiscent of the reef, but decided that such would not be the best choice for this yarn’s colors. The Baltic is a northern sea, and so the design should be of northern waters. I eventually chose a spiral design that I thought would be a very stylized wave pattern. As I knit it, I found that the design did not come out exactly as I was hoping, but made me think instead of Atlantis, if someone came upon it while diving, how the walls might look as a diver approached through dark, murky water. The designs would be unclear. So, I named the design the Bricks of Atlantis: tell me what you think!

LOVE it!

That is a great hat. Love the design

It’s really nice!

:yay: It looks wonderful…I love the design and colorway :inlove:

That’s sooo awesome! It’s very evident that the yarn/pattern match was given a ton of thought and it really, really paid off. Excellent work!

Wow, that is beautiful! Will you be putting the pattern up on Rav or for sale?

That’s gorgeous…I love it! :muah:

Thanks everyone!
Jan, I am still working on creating a booklet of double knitting patterns to sell and I am planning on having it in there, hopefully with matching gloves. Once that is finished I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Looks wonderful :cheering:. I think that the name is very appropriate :thumbsup:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it ~~

Cool design and a lovely hat!

That is a very cool, and original, hat. Very nice!

Ooooooooo…my DH would love this hat! OH MY GOSH!

Wonderful work! :thumbsup:

And it would look great on a guy or a gal!!!

I think it’s just lovely!!

Well, you asked what we think…I think it is beautiful, amazing and a great design! The name is perfect also.:yay: