FO: Breeze

I started this last year and finally finished it last week. It’s the Breeze socks from Knitty knit in Knit Picks’ Risata. Best thing about this pair of socks is no holes when I picked up stitches for the gusset! :woohoo:

There’re more pictures and project details at my blog post.

What a lovely pattern . They look lovely and the colour is just perfect:)

they are so pretty I love the color.

Beautiful! I love that pattern, and the color’s gorgeous too. After seeing yours I’ll have to make these.

Those look great!

Nice knitting! They look perfect.

All of the above, plus they look just plain comfortable, always the number one consideration for me.

The cables are cute.

Great sock. lovely stitch detail and beautiful colour.

Cool looking socks. Ya did a great job on them :thumbsup:

Great socks :cheering:! They are on my queue, gotta start them already.

they are beautiful

They look great! And no holes?! I got holes even though I did my “wrap and turns.” I’m off to your blog to read your details…

:woot: They look great!!

:inlove: those are beautiful!! Love them-they are way prettier than the red socks I am making, but they are only my second pair, so I will comfort myself with that knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: LOL.

I knit socks cuff down and the trick for me with this pair was not to pick up the bar between the gusset and instep, but to pick up the one immediately below this bar.

They look great!! Kudos to your for finishing!! Love the color and pattern!

Those are really nice…I love that color, too! :hug:

These are great! Love that pattern.

[COLOR=Red][B]LOVE THEM!!! :heart::heart::heart: Great work, too!!![/B][/COLOR]