I’m 80 % done with my little sister’s christmas present when I decided to take a break from it and get selfish and knit something for myself. LOL. This is Brazilwood by Kerrie Allman from Yarn Forward Magazine No. 12, May 2009. I used Malabrigo Sock Yarn in tiziano red. I used size 6 needles. I waffled between the size 28 and the size 31 but ultimately chose the 31. I broad shouldered but very small busted. It fits my upper back and shoulders but I feel its a little roomy in the boob. I guess just need to get the right bra. though overall I really like the fit. LOVE LOVE the yarn and the color. I think since i have plenty of yarn left over I just may make another in the size 28. My mom is smaller than me so I have someone to give it to just in case.

Very cute! Love the color and the fit is great.

Gorgeous!!! LOVE that red!

Ooh - that’s nice! Course everything you make looks great on you :wink: The color is awesome! :slight_smile:

That looks so good! 'Specially on you :happydance:

I can’t see it due to the server change, but knowing your previous work, it’ll be delish.

Very cute and excellent fit!

All of your knitting is so superb! I love this little top!
You’ve got the figure for it, that’s for sure!

It’s terrific!