FO: Brandywine Shawl

Pattern is http://
Yarn is lionbrand fishersmans wool dyed with coffee then overdyed with a weak brown food colouring

The shawl is wonderful. When making this shawl I thought of the one Ma always wore on Little House and I wanted one large and comfy. It turned out about 80x60 in

It’s beautiful. Click the link in my signature for a photo refresher. :thumbsup:

Gorgeous!!! Love that pattern!

Oh my…that is so pretty!

I used Fishermen’s Wool for an afghan, so I know how warm it is! What a wonderful treat for yourself!

Wonderful job!!

Turned out beautiful! Great job!

Ooh, very pretty and looks snuggly! Do I understand you did your own dying?

Yes, I dyed the white wool with coffee granuals then poured in a weak solution of wiltons food colouring.

Very pretty! I really like how the color came out! Nice, warm shade of brown

Beeeeeautiful!!! :thumbsup: And divine! Great work!

Ooooooooh! that is lovely :inlove:


Beautiful! :inlove:

Where did my original post go?

Well, I’ll say it again. Beautiful!!!

Never thought I’d like a brown shawl, but that is gorgeous.

Thank you all! I don’t usually like brown either, but this is a warm rust colour