FO - Branching Out Scarf

After many trials and tribulations (and yarn changes!!), I’ve finally completed the branching out scarf. Thanks to everyone’s encouragement - it helped a lot. And you were all right - it looks so much better after blocking!!

More details on my blog if your interested.

That is so pretty, Babs, and love the detail! You did a great job!

That’s a beautiful scarf! I’m glad you stayed with it!

Me too…but I came darn close to giving up!!

That looks beautiful, well worth the struggles.

Oh, wow, that is just breathtaking! You did a wonderful job on that!

Beautiful lace! :inlove:

Oh my Barb!!! This is one of the most beautiful Branching Outs I have seen!!! The white is soooooo CLASSY! Your stitches are impeccable!

You must have blocked, too! :thumbsup: The edges are great!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us!!!

Pretty, pretty!

It looks simply divine!

How lovely! Nice job :thumbsup:


:inlove: very pretty!! Great job

Simply beautiful!! This one’s on my to do list too … hope mine turns out this lovely!