FO ~ Branching Out Scarf

I have finished my UFO #2 that was leftover from 2006, with only 3 more to go (YAY) !!! I love the finished result of this scarf. It is called Branching Out and you can see the blocking picture and the yarn details here on my blog ~


It’s beautiful!!!

Wow, it looks so cool in that yarn! :inlove:

Its beautiful! I love the colors, they look great!

What a beautiful pattern! I love it :slight_smile:

Lady M, that is just beautiful. I noticed you had attached a label. It looks as if you sewed both the right and left side to the scarf by hand. Correct ? How did you keep the stitches from showing through?

Love the labels. I want to get some made for my items too. The scarf is lovely.

I love your scarf!

I love the scarf… and i must ask, where did you get the labels?


Really lovely scarf!

Melissa, I got my labels at

They have all kinds

Beautiful job! The colors are great!

That is gorgeous! I love it!

Thank you all so much for all of the complements on the scarf. I really appreciate that you took the time to look at it. It was made from STR ( Socks That Rock ) Medium Weight Yarn in the colorway Spring Fling. I used a size 7 US needle and knitted 50 repeats of the lace pattern…=)

melissa.atkins ~ I ordered the labels from here and I love them. They are a good company.

Losnana ~ I sew my labels on my items using my sewing maching. In the case of the scarf, I used the lower edge on the inside and thru the garder stitch edging. The seam is not visable from the right side , due to the yarn fluffing up around the thread. You have to really look and hold it up to your eyes to see it.

:inlove: gorgeous! :inlove:
I’m making a Branching Out in STR lightweight right now! :heart:

THank you!! I will look at the website… :slight_smile: