FO - Boys "Magic" Scarf

I have posted a few times about having made my son a magic scarf using a drop stitch pattern that I made up. I decided to show you all because it was hard to explain. So here goes:

How clever is that!! :cheering:

And it looks like the boy likes it! Way cool.

oh wow thats cool!!!

Very cool!

Very cool! :thumbsup: I love it!

[color=darkblue]Thats so cool! Esp. since YOU made it up! :smiley: Do you have the pattern to share? [/color]

It would help if I EVER wrote anything down. I’m not really creative when it comes to making up patterns, I am better at taking something and modifying it. All I did for this pattern was to knit up some swatches with the yarn I wanted to use. Then I started dropping stitches. It took five swatches to find a drop repeat that looked okay. The thing about the furry magic scarves is that they hide the large holes created by the dropped stitches. ANYWAY - I used worsted weight wool blend yarn. I decided to drop every sixth stitch, so I chose a multiple of six for my cast-on and knit in stockinette stitch on circular needles. You have to remember that with dropping every sixth stitch, it will get longer and wider than your cast-on. (Knitting math says that dropping every sixth stitch will increase the size of your tube both length and width wise by 1/6th). So you plan for that when you decide the length of the tube you knit. There is a special cast-off of the tube, I used this one. Now the finished pic on that pattern is scary which is why I experimented so much before I decided how many stitches to drop. :slight_smile:

EXCELLENT DESIGN :cheering: :cheering: Oh my…if I may suggest…take notes so that you can write a pattern for your designs bc everyone will want it and/or you can sell it :wink: Very imaginative :thumbsup:

IS it just a TUBE?? VERY cool scarf there! You should TOTALLY write up that pattern! Its really unusual and NEAT!

I LIKE that!!!

Very cool…and the son looks very excited about having his picture taken for all of us :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yes, can’t you tell? That is is EXCITED look! LOL

Okay, I am going to do it. I will make up a pattern for this. I didn’t think it was that unusual, but apparently it is quite unique. So I will pattern it up. Now. How the heck do I do that?

Carefully :rofling: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh sure, everyone is a stitchin’ comedian!

Okay, I need a name for this monstrosity.

very cool scarf

a name how about Boys to Hood

I like that. There is definitely a good play on words to be had there.

:cheering: Great job thats really neat!!

Wow, that’s very clever Carmen!

That must have been difficult but I love the idea! Great knitting!

Oh that is soo neat! Wow! :cheering: