FO: "BORGHILD" Viking Knits Cardigan Set!

Hi! :waving:

FINALLY DONE! I finally finished the August Knitting Challenge: Cables. Why so long to finish?? I was so bored with all the st st in this pattern that every time I finished a piece or two…I took “knitting side trips”. :doh: You know…other projects! :doh:About a dozen!

Anyhoo, here she is, along with a cami-tank to match. I had extra yarn, and needed a top to wear with BORGHILD. Designed the cami-tank myself, using Elsebeth Lavold’s cable design (as seen in the cardigan) for the chestband. I seamed the band, then picked up stitches along its edge, and knit in-the-round down to the bottom, with some shaping along the way, finishing off with little K1 P1 ribbing to pull it in. Sounds easy, eh? Not so. I knit and re-knit everything about this little cami-tank…however, it wasn’t boring! Just tedious! So much for design work. Emphasis on the word “WORK”! :teehee:

oh, very nice! I really like the chocolate color, and LOVE the cami, inspired!

:passedout: Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Can you be my knitting muse???:muah:


Both are stunning. I checked out her book from the library, drooled over all the pictures, then returned it as way beyond my abilities to date.

Simply amazing :inlove:

:inlove: both are wonderful!! Great job :yay:

That is just gorgeous!! :inlove:

Oh my goodness, that is just beautiful!:inlove:

Beautiful work! You are the wo-“man”!!!

BTW, I’m assuming this is for you?? It’s about time! You are wonderfully unselfish, so I’m hoping you treated yourself!

Beautiful job, ArtLady! Your design turned out very well. Congratulations. I’m glad you finally finished it, so we could see it.

Oh yeah! This is for me alright! :thumbsup: I’m going to wear it to a weekend function on Feb 2, 3…well, I will wear it EITHER of those days, not both! Tee Hee! :teehee:

However, I have to wear a skirt for this function…and I own a beige-cream knee length skirt, which I think is too short for this cardigan, which hits me at about the knee. Sigh. I am so short. I should have realized that the model was tall! Anyhoo, I’ll have to make a trip to the mall to look for a longer skirt, about mid-calf or just below mid-calf length. I’ll wear it will heels to give my little legs a longer appearance. :eyebrow:

The model is wearing slacks, which makes a tunic length cardigan look best. So, a long skirt is on the shopping agenda!

How beautiful! As usual your work astounds me.

Can you be my knitting muse???
I’ll share her with you, she’s been mine for awhile!

Aw shucks Debkcs and Mulderknitter! :aww:

You honor me! :notworthy:

Thanks! I needed a big ole hug today! :grphug:

oh it turned out soooo great! I’ve been waiting and waiting to see it! It looks great. I’m totally impressed with the cami too…very lovely! Thanks for sharing!

knitting muse? I want her to be my mom! :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous!!

I WISH any of the my kids would take an interest in knitting! I have 2 sons, and 3 daughters…none of 'em knit, sew, crochet or quilt. Sigh.

Oh well, there are the 10 grands! :happydance: Two of the granddaughters have shown an interest. I taught both of them. So far, the 21 yr old is too busy with college and 2 jobs…and the other grand is only 8…and too busy with elementary school homework.

Maybe this summer…

That is beautiful. Your work always looks fantastic

You’ve done it again! Absolutely gorgeous!:cheering: