FO: Booga for Mom (and now sister too - pg2)

I proudly present my first Booga Bag, knit over four days and dry in time to give to my Mom on Mother’s Day. She loved it! And now my sister wants one too - guss I know what I am making her for graduation. :smiley:

Specs: I used three skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn, working with a single strand on size 11 needles. Other than that I followed the pattern. Yarn colors were 2 skeins of “blue flannel” (darker) and 1 of “brite blue”.

That is so cute! I love your colors!

:smiley: Looks great…gotta love the Booga bag!! WTG :cheering: :cheering:

Awesome bag! Love those colors :thumbsup:

I love the colors! It’s so pretty!

:cheering: Very nice job. I especially like the way you did the colors on the handles!

I love the colors! :inlove: It looks great! I can see why she loved it!

Beautiful job - the colors are stunning together!


I love the colors!

too cute!! Nice colors :smiley:

I love booga bags, and they make such great gifts!! :mrgreen:

Love it!!

So cute, Jen!!! I bet it’s nice & sturdy w/ the L.P. Bulky, too!!

Did you do a regular bind-off on the top, or did you do an i-cord bind-off? It looks thicker or something. :thinking:

Very pretty! I really like the colors in the handle.

Thanks for all of the kind words! :smiley:

DotMom: I just did a regular bind off, but it was rolling out a bit, even after felting, so that may be what you are seeing.

Very nice!! The way you striped the handles is so clever :inlove:


Very nice! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

I love that bag, can you just clone it for me… please?



Dig those colors. I’m a really sucker for shades of blue, so that just jumped right out at me. Great job!