FO: Booga finally finished after 2 feltings!

[B]FO pic posted below[/B]

Moving over from the General Knitting Forum, so I can post this pic of my progress so far. For those off you who didn’t read the original post, I am making my first Booga Bag in Noro Kureyon #215, a new colorway with beautiful pinks, greens and blues…

So far I’ve finished the bottom and knit about 3 rows of the sides.

Sorry the colors didn’t come out as good as they are in real life! :lol:

very pretty! i love how noro transitions…:heart:

wow. what a pretty colorway! I’ve always wanted to do a booga, I just haven’t decided on a colorway yet. WHere did you get your yarn from? Did you order online?

that is going to be so gorgeous- what a special colorway!

Hi Nikki, I bought my yarn online through Ebay…don’t remember the seller’s name. But there are several Ebay stores that sell Noro.

Those colors are so pretty! I’m so used to bright colors in Noro - the pastels are just lovely!

The colors are beautiful!!!

What a pretty colorway! Your bag will be beautiful!

:inlove: Oh that’s gonna be pretty. I think I commented on the yarn thread about how pretty it is. :inlove:


One frustrating thing…I was sitting last night, knitting right along, with a PINK section of yarn, and all of a sudden along comes a KNOT in the yarn! And the section after the knot was GREEN! So obviously it was a break in the yarn that was knotted together…but it disturbed the gentle colorway. Grrrrr…

I think it will end up looking ok since the goal is to have stripes anyway. We’ll see how it goes…

What pretty colors! Don’t worry about the knot. Since it’s felted, it will look fine.

Can’t wait to see the FO!!

I can’t wait to see the FO! I could probably knit a hundred Boogas just to see all the colorways. :heart:

That is an incredible colorway! Just gorgeous! Great job on the knitting!

That colourway is gorgeous. Its going to look really pretty.

I love love love that colorway! It’s going to be soooo pretty, when it’s all finished! :inlove: Sorry about the knot, but it should turn out fine. :hug:

The colorway is very pretty, I can’t wait to see it finished!

What a great colorway for the summer. I think I see another Booga Bag in my future!!!

And Auburn chick is totally right about the knots - that is the greatest thing about felting. You don’t even need to sew them in.

Have fun knitting your bag…

Progress! All the stress of buying/selling a house has really put me in the mood to knit. :lol:

very nice! i reeeealy love that colorway :mrgreen: so soft and springy

Oooh, that is so pretty!! All this Booga talk lately has me thinking I should start mine next. I’ve had the yarn since last year and it seems like a quick knit.