FO- Booga Bag!

Had to show off the Booga that I finished :happydance: I love it. My husband (who is supportive of my habit yet has always been pretty neutral about my knitting loved it :shock: ) While I was knitting it he said "It looks nice hunny but it is awful big and the spaces are to big to make a good bag."
After felting his first words were Wow! That made my day. I impressed my hubby :happydance: :happydance:
off to the homework
BTW Sophia wanted to model my bag for you all. :wink:

Love the color!!! :thumbsup:

And what an ADORABLE baby!! :inlove: :heart:

I second the “wow!” Great colors!

That turned out great!! :cheering: :cheering: Sophia, too! :wink:

Great job, I love the colors! :thumbsup: adorable baby! :heart:
btw, mintdee, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I love your avatar!! Too cute! :wink:

It doesn’t look like Sophia is going to give the booga bag back to you! Nice job on the bag!

Very pretty. The colors are great. :thumbsup: Sophia’s a cutie too! :heart:

Great job!!! Precious baby!

Looks great! I am wondering though- is that the size of the actual booga pattern or did you change the dimensions? I am getting ready to start one so just wondering. Thanks!

Thanks all! Yea it took me a few tries to get a pic of her and the bag because she kept playing with it. :roflhard:
I noticed that I was so excited about the bag that I forgot to add that the colors are WOTA mulled wine and mist, cascade 220. The handle is twisted then felted (I was to impatient for the i cord this time around hehehe)
With the dimensions I knitted 50 rows, CO 50 then picked up 150 stitches. I think that it is a great size for me. I only carry 1 small project with me along with my wallet so that size is great. I may add a canvas bottem to make the bottem stiffer, otherwise the bag is perfect! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Beautiful, both the bag and the baby. What a sweet face!

Great bag!! :heart: your adorable model!!

Great job! And the little model is too cute. :smiley:

That’s a fantastic bag. I love seeing all the boogas with the individual color choices. Each one seems unique.

That’s a wonderful bag! My DH was extremely impressed with the felting process, too. :wink:

You daughter is precious!

Sandra –

The bag is lovely!!! And that Sophia, what a cutie!!! OMgosh!

Would you mind sharing your method for the handle? I’ve got two more bags to go on my Oregon Tote knitting marathon, and I’d love to skip the i-cords on at least one of them. It looks like each color strand in the bags is more than one strand of yarn – did you braid them or something???

I actually found a post Kimmie made about the handle that she does instead of the i-cord while I was hunting for booga sizes. Works great but if I had it to do again I would twist a bit tighter, or use all one color.

Twisted cord instructions:
Okay. First determine how many yards (or feet or whatever) of cord you want to wind up with and multiply that by 8.

So, for example, if you want to end up with 2 yards of cord, you multiply 2x8=16.

Take that number and pull that amount of yarn out of your skein. So, in my example, I’d pull out 16 YARDS of continuous yarn.

Fold that in half (now I have 8 yards).

Fold it in half again (now I have 4 yards).

Tie a knot at one end.

Secure the knotted end somewhere. Either have somebody who loves you dearly hold one end, or place it over a hook. It doesn’t really matter how you secure it, but you just don’t want that end to move.

Now, holding the other end, stand across the room from the secured end and twist, twist, twist, twist (yawn) twist, twist a whole bunch. Keep doing this until the yarn is quite twisted. You can do this more or less to your liking.

When you feel it has twisted enough, match up your end to the secured end and the cord should twist and double over itself. Sometimes at this point you have to kind of help it along to make it all even. Don’t let go of your end or everything will untwist.

If you are happy with the way the cord (rope) looks, then tie both of the ends together in one bigger knot (the secured end & the end you were holding). Now you should have about a 2 yard cord.

I have felted the cords (as I did for the Booga Bag) or used them unfelted. Whatever you like!

Hopefully that made sense. After all that explaining, I wonder if Amy already has a video up or something that would make that even more clear.

Good luck!

Worked wonderfully and really did go so fast and if I had to do as many bags as you have been I would twist cord as well. I can not imagine :shock: :roflhard:
I made the two yard cord and felted it.

Thanks, Sandra! That sounds easy enough, and I think I MIGHT just have to do that for my next set of handles. I always procrastinate on the handles. This might just be the incentive I need to get the next two bags done quickly.

OK … off to CAST ON! :wink:

That bag is gorgeous! :inlove: I wish I’d seen this post yesterday before I started the I-cord for the bag I’m doing. :rollseyes: But I’m not undoing the two feet I’ve knit already; I’ll save the twisting for later.

And that Sophia!! Perfect model! :heart:

Great job on the bag I love the colors!!! :thumbsup:

Sophia is soooo cute!!!