FO: Booga bag

Hey everyone, I made my first booga bag :slight_smile:

Made it with Lion wool and used Fibonacci stripes :slight_smile:

:yay: it looks wonderful!! I love the color:happydance:

Looks fabulous…I finished mine weeks ago and still havent gotten round to the lining!!! Love the colour of yours x

Beautiful Rachel!

Great job!

OOOOH that is so pretty! It’s on my list… one of these days! You did a really nice job.

Great job!

Looks fabulous, great colours

Looks great Rachel!

Very nice:woohoo:
I’m actually sitting next to my first booga, it’s a knitting bag for the afghan in progress. :yay:

Nice color!!

That’s gorgeous, Rach, love the color!

You are a very prolific knitter, which leads me to ask, do you knit in class? I used to crochet, which drove some of my instructors (males) nuts. Ultra liberal USC couldn’t handle a knitter or two during lectures.

Hey, I don’t really knit in class, but that’s especially because my university is very small (I don’t have any classes with more than about 40 people, and most of the classes in my major have fewer than 10). I have, on occasion, knit during the Honors Lecture forum that I’m taking, and sometimes if our Collegiate Musicians group has a lecturer. I wouldn’t mind knitting in stuff like that but I can’t in most of my classes.
I do, however, knit most of the free time I have. And I also knit while studying, though I can’t seem to manage knitting while practicing piano…