FO- Booga Bag

This is a Booga Bag made with Lamb’s Pride worsted M-10 Creme color. I think the flower is a Patons pattern. I made it with Nashua Handknits worsted color CFW1636 Salmon. I’m giving it to my best friend as a going away gift.


Your friend should be very happy with that pretty bag!

Pretty! :heart: the flower! Do u have the pattern for the flower? I’ve been looking for something like that to go with the purse I want to knit. Great job!!

I got the booga bag pattern from this website:

I got the flower pattern from this website:

Both patterns were mentioned on a previous post in this forum sometime in May and that’s where I got the ideas. For the flower pattern, you have to register on the website but it is free.

Very pretty! Looks like a Christmas bag!

Gorgeous! Love the flower.


It turned out great!

Beautiful! Love the little flower embelishment :thumbsup:

That’s gorgeous!

The Booga Bag looks like a NEW design in that cream color. Very elegant.

I love that bag!! The color is luscious and the flower perfect. Way to go. :cheering:

That is really cute! I love the flower!

Thanks for the website! :wink:

This is so pretty! Im about to make a Booga bag with the same colors, except Im going to make the strap brown. :heart:

What a great gift. Very classy looking in those colors!

Mama Bear

Very nice…you have a lucky friend!