FO ~ boobholder

i finished my boobholder…guess what… i got to fat… now it doesn’t fit!!! imagine that!!! so i didn’t bother to sew the seams or the ends or put a button on! i also made some stitch markers…because i was so upset my boobs were too BIG to fit the boobholder! i’m so depressed…:smiley:

Well, it is darling! Beautiful job, as usual. And, ahem, you are pregnant, dear. This isn’t a permanent condition, it just feels like it.

How is your little sweetie doing?

thanks! shes fine. getting big and her hair is finnaly growing! she turn 2 last month.

It’s very pretty, as are your stitch markers. But girl, after 4 other pregnancies, you know the boobage situation! :rofling:

How cute! What yarn did you use?

Any recent pics of Crickett?

It is lovely - the condition will change so you’ll be able to wear it soon :slight_smile:

That’s really cute! You should be able to wear at some point though. :wink:

:smiley: It is very cute…as are your st markers :wink:

Everything is beautiful!

they got big early this time!!!

1st birthday

Cute!! :heart: Wuv her!!

Aaaw! So ‘grown up.’ Thanks for posting that! :smiley:

what do you mean, a boobholder? I thought I’d see a bra… :??

The bug is getting so big!! And that hair! Looks like the two of us will be fighting with our curly-haired girls.

She’s gorgeous!

jeeeeez… dont i WISH i could say i had a booby holder that didnt FIT (i’d need the boobs first) then again… wish i’d MADE the booby holder too!!! heheh… good job!
& good job (all around)!!

Awww. What a cutie! The boobholder looks great – you’ll be able to wear it eventually! :wink: