FO: Bo Peep Gloves

My friend wanted me to make her gloves for her wedding, so I did. I used the Bo Peep pattern by Loumms.

(I put my leg warmers off to the side. I’ll finish them up later this week. I became really busy and haven’t had the time to finish them up.)

The pattern, it left me neutral. It was hard to dissect through. The right hand thumb seemed out of place and didn’t match up with the left hand thumb when I started knitting it, so I decided to move it. I don’t think I’ll do this pattern again. If I’m going to make lacy gloves, I’ll come up with my own pattern. This one just gave me too much trouble.

With that said, I don’t think I did too bad of a job knitting the gloves, especially since I started back in late June. They appear a little bit big, but that’s because my hands are tiny. Women’s small are still huge on me, to put in perspective.

At least they fit my friend better than me. That’s all that mattered. Oh, and her liking them, of course.

Those are a lovely gift for the bride, no wonder she likes them! Well done. I’m sorry the pattern was such a pain, it looks like it ended up being worth it.

The gloves are a wonderful gift and a real treasure. They came out beautifully and I’m sure will look lovely on the bride.

Sorry to hear these caused you some problems; however, the finished gloves are lovely.

They turned out lovely. :heart:

Those are beautiful!

They are just lovely!!!:inlove:

The gloves are a real treasure! I’m sure this gift of love and friendship will add to the joy of the occasion!

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile: She loved them, and she said they fit well. Now I’m at ease because I worried so much that they would be too big.