FO: Blue Scarf

After getting through the third ball of yarn for my MILs Irish Hiking Scarf I vowed I would NEVER knit another scarf again lol… but this pattern was SO fast and easy and gave me a chance to use some leftover worsted Malabrigo with my new twist. I really like that you can pretty much make it lay however you want with the buttons!

The picture will likely be fuzzy because I took it with my camera phone, more to come later :slight_smile:

:teehee: Yeah, scarves aren’t my favorite. No matter the pattern I find them boring and repetitive. They are good for yarn testing and practice though.

Your scarf is really nice!!

It looks great. Should go really well under a nice winter coat :thumbsup:

Nice scarf! :heart: the buttons!

I’ve knit some beautiful cable patterns for scarfs, but it’s “cable coma” every time!!!


Oh I like this one, Evan! I especially like the slip stitch detail! Great job! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone!

I think I’m actually going to get some more Twist and some Worsted to make another one of these scarves in a darker color with some matching fingerless gloves! :o)

Love it! I must be in the minority here b/c I really don’t miind making scarves.