FO: Blue & Green Elf Slippers

My DS saw these [COLOR=“Navy”][U]elf shoes[/U][/COLOR] by pamela wynne and wanted a striped pair with bells.
These were super fast to knit.

Those are so darn cute! as is the little “elf” wearing them!

He is adorable, as are the slippers. You sure made him happy!

Aww, too cute!

Adorable! And you did a great job on them too!

How cute are they!! (Both the slippers and the model!) He looks thrilled :slight_smile:

Now that is beyond precious! Good to see he enjoys them so much… that smile, sheesh :slight_smile:

What a cutie! The slippers are adorable too. I can imagine a Christmas play with a bunch of happy elves. Where did you get the pattern?

Here is the ravelry link for the elf slipper. Here is her blog.

Adorable! Both the slippers and the little man wearing them!

These are so good. Makes me want to learn how to knit socks…

LOL - these just make me smile!! Love them!

Too darn cute!

Really really cute…both of them!:cheering: