FO: Blackberry Cabled Cardigan

This was a fun knit, except the miles and miles of ribbing bands! (knit in the round and round, about 600 stitches around! ack!)
I started it in May, and finally finished it up tonight! It is done, however, after I took the photos, I piled soppy wet terry cloths on top of the ribbing bands to permanently “set” the curves around the bottom fronts. Otherwise, the curves can’t fan out well, and then the sweater becomes distorted.

[B]Pattern:[/B] Blackberry Cabled Cardigan
[B]Yarn: [/B] Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool (dk)
[B]Modifications: [/B] no buttonholes; no shawl collar; no trinity stitch (dbl moss instead)
[B]My Ravelry notes,[/B] if you care to read them

THE BACK (before blocking):

Absolutely beautiful!!!

So pretty!

All I can ever say is WOW when I see your finisihed projects. Everything is always just beautiful that you do.

That is such a beautiful cardigan! What do you think your next project will be?:yay:

Wow, beautiful!

I finally finished one after dragging my tail on it. Pictures soon.:thumbsup:

Thanks Jan!

Beautiful. You are truly amazing. I suggest wearing this with black slacks and a white turtleneck.

That is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it – the design, the color – it’s perfect! Lovely work.

your work is just so seriously stunning!!!

This is absolutely stunning!

There is some special quality about your work that whenever I see it I always think “ArtLady knit that.”

The way I have the webpage zoomed in (so I can read it from the couch) it cuts off the userpic so I had no idea who’s post I was looking at. I immediately thought of you when I saw this sweater and when I scrolled back over to see who the poster was I discovered it was you! This is not the first time I’ve done that either. Not sure what it is, but your work always stands out.


That is a beautiful cardigan!!!

Love the sweater.:inlove:
The Red is going to look gorgeous on you!

That is such a beautiful work!

AGREED!! You are one stylin’ chick with all your gorgeous hand knit sweaters!

Three words… Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!!!


And a perfect closure on a perfect cardi.

That is soo pretty!

You are my hero, one day I hope to be able to knit like that :inlove:

Ditto to what everybody has already said. I would just add that I am so impressed with the picked-up stitches for the ribbed band. It is perfect!

Beautiful work as always! I love the modifications you made … it looks fantastic!