Fo: black forest beret

I had another HAT-ATTACK Tuesday night! [/B][/COLOR]

Knit on Tuesday, blocked all day Wednesday on dinner plates! Hope you like it! I have knit it once before using icy blue ROWAN Polar.

[B] THE YARN:[/B] BLACK FOREST by Naturwolle
[B] GAUGE:[/B] 13st=4"
[B]YARDAGE USED:[/B] 97 yds for all 3 colors total
(the ribbing band is solid chocolate, the body of the hat alternates Trapper and Hazelnut)
[B] THE PATTERN:[/B] Knit Beret
[B] THE BOOK:[/B] [COLOR=Red][B]JUST HATS[/B][/COLOR] (for sale on Amazon for about $9)

So now I have 3 types of hats for my cape: Happy Trails (the dorky tassel hat), The Unoriginal Hat, and this Beret!

This book has really easy hat patterns, and I like the fact that they are knit from the ribbing up to the top. I just hate starting at the top with 12st and dpns…and working down. Aaargh. Even tried magic loop for one of those types of hats…and got all confused at to increases placement! Frogged that mess! There are too many pattern options to stay with a pattern drives me batty!

That’s very cute, so nice to have a choice of things to wear with your cape. You really got your money’s worth out of that yarn.

I’m still ASTOUNDED at how fast you can get things out.

Yup! I have 3 hats I can wear with the CAPE. The Happy Trails hat (kinda dorky, but cute); The Unoriginal Hat; and this beret!

Very Very cute. I love the beret and I think you will look so cute in all those hats!

you are on a hat making marathon here! they are looking great i like the decrease pattern of the beret.

if im honest though i think the slight dork in me says that the hat with the tassles is my favourite!!

Okay seriously, do you sleep at all??? :zombie: You are a human knitting machine! They all look fabulous!

I’m gonna wear the dork hat to church this winter, just one time…on a really cold day…and see what comments I get! You watch! The dork hat will get more comments than the others! :teehee:

My hair is short enough to get away with wearing the dork hat from home to my seat in church…then yank it off and fluff my hair real quick with a little comb!

Stay tuned!

Betcha I get “orders” for it! :teehee:

Wow! I have seen all your FOs lately and all the hats and sweaters are really great. :heart: Do you work on everything simultaneously?


Not intentionally. I kinda leapfrog my projects. While one major project is going through the blocking stages, I will begin the next major project.

As for the hats, they were really one evening projects. All but one were bulky yarn, and very easy patterns. I guess I’m what you could call ‘motivated’. I like that word better than ‘obsessed’! :teehee:

Ooo, I like it! But, how the heck do you block with dinner plates?

Nice hat! You really are on a HAT ROLL! You’ll have the warmest head in town!

I put them inside the beret…with the rim of the biggest dinnner plate at the circular ‘seam’ of the beret. You know, where the increasing ends and the decreasing begins…and there are two garter rows for definition.

To get ready, here are the steps:

I put one big dinner plate upside down the table. Then I put 2 med size plates upside down on top of the dinner plate. Then I put 2 salad plates upside down on top of the med size plates.

So you have a stack of five plates, each gradually smaller…this formed a soft ‘dome’.

Then I stretched the hat over top of this upside down stack of plates.

Of course, once the plates were inside, they stretched out the top portion of the hat nicely…with the littlest plates forming a slight dome…and the ribbing went back into shape. Then I placed the hat and plates on top of a tall vase…the largest dinner plate sat on top of the mouth of the vase…and misted the tar out of it. The hat was saturated pretty good, and I left the whole mess til bone dry.

It blocked the top portion of the hat…not the ribbing. Now the top portion of the hat isn’t crumpled looking. The blocking worked perfect!

You work always amazes me!

My favorites from top to bottom are: 1. Dorky hat (what does that say about me?) I don’t think it is dorky at all, but cool and youthful looking. 2. Unorginal hat. I like the wide cables and the way the colors turned out. 3. The beret. Don’t know why just like the other two better.

Great beret! I love berets, they always make you look classy and chic :thumbsup:

I adore berets, so verrrry French. They all are unique, each being different but able to wear with the fabulous cape. Your blocking with dinner plates astounded me. You are more than clever, Art Lady. You are bordering on knitting genius.

Thanks for the info on blocking! I think that if I ever make a beret, I may need more different sized plates to get the job done. :teehee:


That is so fabulous!!

:happydance: they all look wonderful!