FO: Bitterroot

I have never knitted a lace shawl. Until now. Bitterroot is a wonderfully intuitive pattern. It was a real pleasure to knit.

Stats: Bitterroot by Rosemary Hill
Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss sock yarn in burgandy
Needles: KnitPicks Harmony cir #6

Finished Product:

Wow!!! That is simply incredible!!! You did an excellent job on it! Congrats!!

That is beautiful! I really want to try to knit something in this family this year, a knitting goal. Maybe this will be the one! Thanks for posting the pictures and the link!

Thank you and you are welcome. Go for it - it was easier than I thought it would be.:wink:

Thanks so much! I am pretty darned happy with it.


It is absolutely beautiful! Lovely color, gorgeous pattern. Very nice work.

Wow, that is FABULOUS!! :heart:

Oh my, that is magnificent! I just HAVE TO get up the courage to knit a shawl someday! This is a beautiful heirloom! Great job! Love the color, too! It shows off the design so well!

So so soooo pretty!!! I’m going to add this as one of my 10 shawls of 2010 for sure!!!

PS - just read your blog post and I’ve also been rhyming nupps with cups!!! I’ve found that I don’t particularly care for the look of them and I’m actually going to replace them with a larger bead in the shawl I’m working on… obviously that wouldn’t work for every pattern though. If you think you can work them I’m POSITIVE you can do it, I honestly don’t think they’re too much of a pain if you’re determined.

One tip I did get was to use a safety pin to hold all the stitches together so you know exactly what to purl together on the WS :o)

Just gorgeous!

It’s a show stopper!!! :heart:

:yay: You should be! That’s amazing and beatiful!! :yay:

:thumbsup: WOW! That shawl is so wonderful, and looks like so much fun to wear, it makes me want to drop everything and start one myself. :woohoo: