FO Birthday Cowl

Sooo Fluffy Cowl

For my granddaughter’s 18th birthday. That’s today. I’m officially old now. :scream:This and a little money put a smile on her face. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Oatmeal and (I think) an H hook.

The scowl was at my request.
Thanks for taking a look.


Adodrable, both the cowl and especially the granddaughter! What a sweetheart.

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Thank you. That stitch is just so squooooshy! I’m going to try it in cotton for a bath rug. I think it would make a great pillow top too. It’s a lot easier than other loop stitches I’ve tried.

Beautiful! She’s making the grumpy face! :joy:

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Thanks, Jan. As for the face, she learned from an expert. :grimacing:

:joy: She’s a cutie! No grandkids here, but my first child turned 40 the day after Christmas…talk about feeling old.

That was quite a Christmas present, 40 years ago and again last Christmas! My son turned 40 last August. He wasn’t supposed to do that!

Hahah! Yeah, I always say that was a very fat Christmas! It was a great day and I had a good night’s sleep and woke up in labor. 9 hours later voila! :joy: My youngest is 37 so got a few years left… :wink:

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