FO: Birthday Central Park Hoodie!

Hey everyone! I knit this Central Park Hoodie as a 21st birthday present for myself! :happydance: I just finished it tonight, and my birthday is tomorrow - I knit it in a leisurely three weeks with six skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers :inlove: This is my second sweater and I absolutely love it! I’m now fully convinced that I’m not just a sock knitter!!! :wink: More details on Ravelry, and I’m going to take actual nice pictures, but I couldn’t resist posting now that I’m done!

Let me know what you think!

Beautiful! I absolutely love that color! :cheering:

It’s beautiful, Rachel! Happy Birthday! :yay:

Happy Birthday!!!:balloons: :present:

What a great present for yourself. It looks really nice!!! :slight_smile:

I knew I left something out… Happy Birthday! :balloons:

It looks great! I love the color (my favorite, actually) and it fits you just right. It’s not too bulky and not too tight. I think you did a great job :thumbsup:

beautiful!!! i really love this pattern. your’s turned out great!

Very cool!

Ooooh, 21, watch out world!

Happy Birthday Rachel.

What a great job you have done with the hoodie…that colour really suits you xx

Wow, Rachel, it’s gorgeous! Love the color – it’s great with your coloring, and the fit is perfect. Great buttons, too. Nice work.

It’s beautiful! Love the color!!!

Happy Birthday Rachel. Your present looks fantastic.

Very nice job!!

Must be something about the CPH and Birthdays’, I made mine for my daughter whose B’day was yesterday. I’m still waiting for her to send me a picture I can post.

Happy B’day!

woohoo! That’s so sweet :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words and well wishes, everyone! :muah:

Stupid me, i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :clink:

:yay: it looks wonderful! Happy birthday :woot:

That CPH looks wonderful on you. You did an excellent job. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :present:

:yay: Love it the color is perfect!! Happy Bday :hug:

It looks perfect, as does everything else you make! Happy birthday!!!

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