FO: Birkenstock socks!

Hey everyone! I knit these with my skein of Kureyon sock, which has the most gorgeous colorways!!! I know lots of people don’t like Kureyon, but that just means more for me :smiley: And appropriately enough, I finished these socks while I’m on vacation here in northern California, on a drive to go see the Redwood National Park. lol haha I’m SO not the usual Birkenstock stereotype, but I think it’s hilarious that these circumstances made it sound like I’m a textbook “Birkenstock-wearer.” lol Fine by me! So I got to hike in these beautiful, sturdy wool socks with my Arizona Birks while enjoying trail mix and sunshine! Yay!
It’s a basic 64 stitch sock on 2.25 KP dpns (the yarn has spots where it’s spun so tightly, it really does need slightly smaller than usual dpns). Love it :smiley: Let me know what you think!

:happydance: they look great!

They are really pretty! So you’re not the crunchy granola type, huh? :teehee:

Nice socks and I think she prefers “trail mix”, LOL!!!

HAHAHAHA You would fit right in here, I live in ITHACA NY; home of Cornell University and the Birkenstock Captial of the world. On any given day (even when there is 5 feet of snow on the ground) go into Wegmans and you will find half the population wearing Birkies and socks.

They are very nice.

those are really pretty, you crunchy-granola-girl, you :teehee:

They look great, love the colors.

lol You guys crack me up :slight_smile:

Nice! Now about that trail mix, does it have M & Ms in it? (smile)

Doesn’t every good trail mix? :wink:

lol You guys crack me up!

Rachel, I love the socks. But, hey! I’m a crunchy granola (with M&M’s [I]of course[/I]) Birkenstock wearing, Volvo driving, 1.5 kids, former Hippy, turned Yuppie,turned Oldie. Wear my Birkies year 'round, unless it’s snowing, then it’s into Uggs.

I’m very envious of your time in the woods. Haven’t seen Gen. Sherman for about five years.

So Rachel, is the yarn scratchy now that it’s been knitted and washed?

Yeah, I forgot to say that I LOVE THE REDWOODS!! :thumbsup:

cute! Did you fit in with the natives? :wink:

They are GORGEOUS!!!

Those are so pretty. You sure you don’t live in CA?

Snazzy. Snaaaaaazzy!
What a nice-looking pair of socks.

cool socks:)

Great colors and a great looking fit!