FO - Binary Scarf

I finished this several months ago and didn’t get around to posting the pictures. I made this for my friend who’s an IT guy. He loved it!

It’s the Binary Scarf from Knitty. I made it in Red Heart. It was my first stranded knitting and I really enjoyed it once I got the hang of it. Some areas are puckery, but pretty good overall I think.

This is my husband modeling for me.


Oops - here are the photos!

i was wondering about that! :teehee:
looks great!! :happydance:

OK, mega geek explosion. I love it!!! Absolutely awesome. What a great idea for a scarf :yay:

Great work! :cheering:

Great scarf! Does the lucky recipient work for Microsoft, by any chance?

the GEEK in me! Please tell me where I can buy the pattern???

HAHAHAH. Perfect for the COMPUTER lover in your life!!!

Great Job:happydance:… I should make that for my dh :teehee:…

Great scarf!

That scarf reminds me of this song from Flight of the Conchords (it ends in a “binary solo”)

Oh, that’s so cool! Great job! :thumbsup: Cute model, too!! :wink:

You did a fantastic job! It looks great! :cheering:
Karrying Kolor, you can find the pattern [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]here.

It is a FREE Pattern :woohoo: that you can view at this link:

Nope - just IT. I live in Seattle though and keep trying to get him to apply to Microsoft and move out here! He’s my husband and my mutual best friend.

that scarf is just so fab.make me one? lol

Oh wow! You did a great job with that scarf! He looks really happy with it, too.