FO-bike helmet ear warmers

Just made these up quick. Saw it on Ravelry and my ex-husband/roomate saw me looking at it and said they look cool so I made him some. THe pattern is here:

But I used some leftover Bulky lamb’s pride instead of worsted and CO 24 stitches instead of 36, and used a size 7 needles for a really tight weave. I made them two ways, first made two flat peices and seamed them. Second I made in the round which came out much better. These were fun, quick and easy to make.

clever! Thanks!

Those are neat! Would work good for my horseback riding helmet too!

Thanks for link to the pattern!


What a clever idea! They look great.

Cool, I like those. I think I’ll make a pair for my helmet. Sometimes it does get pretty chilly even here in FL.

What a cool idea (warm really :-)). I had to go to the site to see how they attached. Yours turned out really nice.