FO - Big Seed Stitch Pom Pom Hat

Hi all!

I finished a quick project today…


This is the Big Seed Stitch Pom Pom Hat. It is a free Lion Brand pattern, which you can find here.

This is the second hat I’ve made using this pattern. I’ve worn my first hat to soccer games for the last two-three years. One of the school’s administrators saw my hat a few weeks ago and asked me to make her one.

The yarn is Lion Brand Big…


It’s been discontinued, but I found it in someone’s stash on Ravelry.

What led me to go on the hunt for the yarn is that after the administrator asked me to make the hat for her, she unexpectedly faced a serious health crisis. I knew I had to make the hat quickly.

I received the yarn yesterday. It only took me maybe a couple of hours (I was Skyping with friends at the same time…hence the longer amount of time required).

I used 58 yards (1.2 skeins) of yarn on size 19 needles…


[LEFT]I’ll be gifting the hat tomorrow, when she returns to work…


BTW, her prognosis is excellent.

Thanks for looking at my project!


Oh wow! This is truly an exciting little hat…or should I say, an exciting big hat! Love it! Good color for it, too!

Thanks, ArtLady. I know it’s not the prettiest hat, but it’s fun and warm. I have gotten a kick out of wearing mine to soccer games the last few years. Let’s just say that it attracts comments. :rofl:

That is some big yarn! Cool hat! I love making hats for people with illnesses. Keeping them warm and beautiful makes you feel that way, too.

I think it’s cute and fun!

What fun! Love it!

That hat is awesome! I love it.

She’s going to love it and will be so surprised when she comes back to work tomorrow! That is a wonderful thing you did. :muah:

What can I say…we knitters are making this world a better place…one project at a time. :wink:

Thats some big yarn - the hat is adorable!