FO - BIG Seed Stitch Hat with Pom Pom -- Kind of Funny Update

Here’s a little something I whipped up this evening. [COLOR=Green][B]Here[/B][/COLOR] is the pattern for it. It’s a Lion Brand pattern.

I used yarn from my swap partner. It’s Lion Brand BIG in Lime Green on size 19 needles.

It matches my daughter’s high school colors. She’s mortified because I told her I will be wearing it to her soccer games. Guess she’ll be able to find me in the stands, eh? :roflhard:


heheh! That’s awesome! Fast, huh?

That is awesome!! I love it! How nice that you could knit it up in one night :slight_smile:

She’ll have no trouble spotting you! LOL That’s great.

My daughter is now begging me to wear one of the other things I’ve knit. She made fun of my calorimetry for a long time, but now…she is telling me she would much rather have me wear it than this. I really think that torturing her will be fun…:teehee:

Awesome, auburnchick! :thumbsup: I laughed when you said your DD was mortified that you were intending to wear it to her games!

Tee Hee! You know the old saying: “Get the best revenge. Live long enough to be a problem to your children!” Tee Hee! :teehee:

I think you could do some ‘bargining’ with her about this… you won’t wear it if: SHE cleans the kitchen for a week w/out being asked… etc. . etc…

Late for curfew? You wear the hat in public where she’ll see you…

Yep, this could be really useful… :woot: :roflhard:

:teehee: I would have loved to seen your dd’s face when you showed her and then told her you would be wearing it to games lol… I haven’t seen/heard of LB’s big yarn before… :thumbsup: great job!!

:yay: That’s so funny! I have some big yarn I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with…now I know. :roflhard:

Oh, y’all are making me laugh! :roflhard:

There was one other pattern on Lion Brand’s site that was for a scarf. I debated long and hard…

I probably would have worn the scarf more, but this is certainly more fun.

Oh, and she’s been real nice to me today. Wonder why???

I think the combination of the hat plus my intent to take along my portable heater that dh got me to use on cold nights on the field is just too much for her.


Wow, that is BIG yarn!!!

Nice job.

I love it, that hat is so cool!

That hat is sooo fun! Great job auburnchick.:thumbsup:

:rofl: LOL I love what you did with the yarn…torture the child wear the hat anyway:roflhard: Nat I am sooo so glad you loved everything, it makes me feel happy(like a good swap pal):hug: :heart:

Wow, that’s cute! LOL! I think you should wear it to the games! Teenagers can be so sensitive sometimes. My 18yo just rolls her eyes at us, all the time!

What a fun hat! If it keeps you warm wear it–she can always claim not to know you. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m quite used to this. The feeling is mutual, at times, although I proudly claim her as mine during her games. I’m so proud of her, you know. :heart:

Lol, I probably would’ve been mortified at that age, too. :slight_smile: Teenagers…Ha ha…


It’s not quite as bad as it looks. You’re getting the “ninja” effect since you can’t see my whole face. :wink:

:cheering: Wow does that every look warm, great job!!!