FO - (big) Little Sky sock from CB's New Pathways book one

I used some of my holiday $ to buy [U]New Pathways for Sock Knitters[/U] by Cat Bordhi, and this is the first “learning sock” in the book. It was supposed to be a bit smaller, but I only had 2 circs in size 6 (this is a worsted weight pattern) so my gauge is a bit too big ('cause I knit loose) so they fit my almost 5 year old.

Since it’s a “different” sort of pattern, I thought a “different” sort of sock pose was called for - yes, she’s on her belly, with her feet on her forehead :mrgreen:

Bleh. I clicked the wrong thing first, but [B]thanks[/B] for an amusing picture! She is very talented and the socks are beautiful!

Wow ! I wish i could bend like that lol. Well done on the socks . They look fab :slight_smile:

What a pretty girl! and so flexible!!
The socks are gorgeous!

Wow! Love the socks! Adore the little one! Admire the pose…
Okay so maybe I’m a little green at the ability to bend…

Beautifully done, mom!

:yay: Great job!! She is a cutie!!

Cute socks! Cute daughter!

Thanks all!

I, too, am jealous of her flexibility - you should see her do the splits :shock:

These little socks were a very quick knit too - first time I’ve finished a pair in under 24 hours!

Those are beautiful! I used to be flexible like that! LOL-she is a cutie-pie!

What a cute little girl you have! Those socks are cool!

Cute girl and the socks look very nice!