FO: BETTNA in browns

Well, here I go again, another BETTNA. But ya know I do this all the time. I find a pattern that is pretty simply and uncomplicated, and I just make it over and over again using different yarns. So, here is my LAST Bettna (is this a lie?)…at least for myself. I have the yarn lined up for a Bettna for my daughter. She’s seen enough of these on me that she’s fallen in love with it! We’re all going camping for a week next week, so I’ll work on her Bettna! She can watch her Bettna evolve!

[B]YARN: [/B] Wisdom “Poems” 100% wool (color 572)
[B]SKEINS:[/B] 13
[B]BOOK:[/B] Noro Revisited
[B]PATTERN:[/B] Bettna, model shown in Noro Silk Garden on cover
[B]PLEASE NOTE: [/B] the ‘finishing’ paragraph of the pattern is not complete; it leaves out certain steps that you have to figure out for yourself, and every time I make this Bettna I am struggling through it; it has to do with that unusual back neckline connected to the garter bands in the front; if you are making this sweater, please PM me if you need clarification; the paragraph doesn’t walk you through the seaming either, you just gotta ‘know’.

I didn’t knit the LOWER BACK in one giant swath. I used two balls of yarn and worked the first 46st of the row with skein A and the last 46 st with skein B. This was to manipulate how the colorway spread out. I wanted the ‘striping’ of the LOWER BACK to be the same overall width of the ‘striping’ of the LOWER FRONTS. Wider regions will ‘stripe’ skinnier. I didn’t want teeny stripes on the LOWER BACK side-seamed against wider stripes of the LOWER FRONTS. So, below is the BACK VIEW:

The back neckline is connected to the front garter bands in an
unconventional way.[I] It isn’t hard to do at all,[/I] but it is hard to [I]conceptualize,[/I] and since the pattern is very silent about it all, you must be a ‘mind reader’.
Y’all know how much fun that is, right? :teehee:

More information on my Ravelry Project page, if you’re interested.
More ‘progress’ photos, too.

It’s really pretty! :yay:

Another beautiful Bettna…I can’t wait until I can finish mine up. I will certainly pm you when I am ready to put it together. BTW-did you block the pieces before you put them together? It seems like it would be much easier that way.

Thanks again for all the help


I always block all the pieces before seaming! It makes such a difference! It makes your sweater very professional looking!
It does make seaming easier, but it also makes the stitches themselves look more even and polished!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hi Artlady,
I love this sweater. I can certainly see why you have become 'addicted to it…:teehee:
The colours are marvelous and the shaping is so beautiful!
Congratulations on having made yet another stunning sweater!
:woot: :woot: :woot:
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Superb n gorgeous sweater

Beautiful sweater. I just got back from New Mexico and the colors remind me of the desert.

I can think of worse pattern addictions lol!! It looks gorgeous! I like what you did with the striping :thumbsup:

Dear Bettna Queen,

Another beautiful job. :muah: It does look like a really comfortable, wearable sweater, Bettna does. If I ever make one I certainly know who to go to for all the inside information. You did a really nice job in the use of the self striping yarns. Great effect. :thumbsup: I’m sure it is rewarding to have your daughter see the beauty of this sweater and want one for herself. A real compliment for mom.

Gorgeous!!! You may have convinced me to make one … LOL

I finally got started on the sleeves and have a quick question. Is the entire sleeve knitted in SS or does it switch to extended garter stitch? When reading the pattern, it seems to me to be SS, but looking at the picture in the book, it almost looks like it switches stitches (say that 3 times fast!). All your pictures have really helped me adjust the pattern to fit me better. Thanks


The sleeve begins with some garter ridges (about 7) for the ‘cuff’…then switches to st st. BUT, when your sleeve has reached the required length, you are asked to work about 4 garter ridges to end the sleeve…THEN you are asked to cast on about 20 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows, AND ALSO…you begin the extended garter stitch. The extended garter stitch is the upper body.

The actual sleeve itself is only st st with garter stitch ridges as the cuff and as a ‘fenceline’ between the upper sleeve and body. See red arrows in photo below. The arrows signify the garter ridges.

It just must be the way the yarn is stripping in the bettna pictured in the pattern (cover) It just looks like it changes part way up the sleeve…but I understood the directions the way you described them… Well I’m off and knitting then. Thanks:heart:

Happy to help, Kris! :hug:

Looks great! I really like the earth tones :thumbsup:

I love it, love it, love it! :inlove:

I have this yarn:

Do you think it’s enough?

You need somewhere around 1500 yds for a Bettna, depending on the size you’re making. My brown Bettna used 1417 yards, finished chest size 46" for ease.

My daughter’s Bettna (size 40") is using about 1300 yds.