Fo: bettna for babs

“Babs” is my pet name for Lauralee!

[B]PATTERN:[/B] Bettna
[B]SOURCE:[/B] Noro Revisited by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
[B]YARN: [/B] 12.3 sk Noro Kureyon / color 150

It’s too early! We haven’t had coffee yet!

Blocking really softens up the Kureyon! The pattern calls for Noro Silk Garden, but in all actuality, I like the way Kureyon knits up much better. The stitches are fuller…and more [I]filled in[/I] even before blocking! I recommend Unicorn Fiber Wash & Rinse! My main reason for using Kureyon over Silk Garden was the fiber content. Kureyon is 100% wool. Lauralee can’t wear Silk Garden because of the kid mohair in it. And, this is [U]the color[/U] (in Kuryeon only) she liked (loved!) the best, lots of greys and greens. She said it’s her favorite sweater yet!

That’s so pretty! It looks big and warm and cozy! She looks great in everything you make her, too. :thumbsup:

What can i say - you have one lucky daughter:thumbsup: It looks wonderful on her!


Another beautiful Bettna! :thumbsup: Those colors look fabulous on your daughter (tho she’s so pretty anything would look great, I’m sure!)

A beautiful sweater and beautiful daughter :thumbsup:

ITs so amazing…dont know how to appraise ur works…anyway ur daughter shud be very proud of u n that’s make me feel jealous …lolllllllllllllll…thnks for sharing

ArtLady, I saw this over in the 'How-To" folder with that blocking question. It is just gorgeous!! :muah: I love it. The colors are so nice. It looks beautiful on your daughter. And it looks so snuggly and comfortable. That aqua in there is really a stand out; brings the whole color scheme to life.

Absolutely gorgeous, of course!!! She looks so tickled with it! LOL Love all your Bettnas!

I love it, it is absolutely gorgeous. Why do I get the feeling that she would look stunning in anything?!

Another beautiful Bettna…I just love the pattern. I’m about half way done with mine - just about ready to start the sleeves, but I got side tracked by a pair of socks. Now I want to put the socks aside and finish the sweater! :teehee:

Gorgeous sweater and model, as usual! I just love your Bettna’s!! :inlove:

Wow, she is one lucky lady! The colors in the sweater go beautifully with her coloring. Great job once again!