FO: Betsy

I just finished the afghan I have been working on. (Previous thread: 13 stripes crocheted afghan) I didn’t make that blanket; I made my own pattern instead. The pattern can be found at my website. I present to you Betsy:


wOw. :inlove:

:passedout: That’s great!

Absolutely beautiful!

No doubt, your creation is more beautiful and artistically satisfying than the pattern you gave up on!

Great work! :cheering:

that’s beautiful!! I’m glad you stuck with your idea and found a way to make it happen. you should submit it to a magazine!

Ooh, that’s a beautiful afghan. Great work!


One word:cheering::cheering: AWESOME!!!

I love it!!! I copied the pattern…I’m going to make one for my uncle. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I hope everyone enjoys making it. I plan to have a follow up pattern to this blanket, so keep checking back!