FO: Betsy Ross Fauxhawk hat

So inspired by my recent Fauxhawk hat created using the “Pretty in Punk” book…see this thread
AND being inspired by someone’s suggestion to do other national flag hats. I decided to be patriotic and make an American flag fauxhawk hat, just in time for the 4th of July!

Crazy…yes! But I DID finish it and I will be wearing it to my concert band gig on the 4th…

Here she is, the Betsy Ross fauxhawk:

That is fabulous.
Model it! Let’s see it on yer haid!

:passedout: Now that is a crazy hat! Looks good though!

You sure did a great job in creating that. Great work.:cheering:

:shock: :inlove: :shock: :inlove: :roflhard:
that is INCREDIBLE!!!
what yarn did you use? i’m definitely going to have to knit this just so i can shock the pants off of my grandfather. he’s retired army, and believe me, it’s never left him. :teehee:

Pammie-That is awesome!!:woot:
I have to get that book now!

Very nice! That looks awesome.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it!!!

You’re hawk-obsessed. :rofling: Looks great!

Looks great!

I saw the hat in the “Pretty in Punk” book last week at the store and immediately said “Hey, that’s what Martin was wearing during the Touring the Angel concert!” (we saw them in Phoenix) and then I followed your other thread tonight after seeing this post and voila! There he is!!!:lol:

My husband is a HUGE Depeche Mode fan (and I am a fan too, thanks to him) and I would love to knit this for him… not that he would ever wear it (he’s too much of a “straight laced” military man), but it would be fun for him to have!

I LOVE your flag version! Excellent work! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone!

Now the dilemna is…do I wear it today? I play percussion in a volunteer concert band and we have a gig today…and there are heat warnings today…the hat is 85% wool/ 15% Mohair…

Which reminds me…the yarn I used is what is suggested by the pattern…Lamb’s Pride Bulky by the Brown Sheep Company!

It was pretty miserably hot yesterday, wasn’t it? But it’ll be perfect to wear after the sun goes down! Crazy desert hot 'n cold…

I wore it to my concert and it was a HUGE hit. I showed the band director and he WANTED me to wear it during the concert! LOL

I was hot, but we were in the shade so it wasn’t horrible. Many people took pictures so I should be able to post one of me in it soon

Me in my hat at the concert!

that’s incredible! [I]totally[/I] on my :knitting: list.