FO: Berroco Mallard Cardi

Finally done! I had asked for help and advice with this some time ago and then forgot to post a finished picture. Mostly, I’m glad it’s done. I hate the finishing work and it took forever for me to just do it. I’m not 100% thrilled with it but do like wearing it a lot.


I think it is pretty and looks nice on you!:slight_smile:

Absolutely lovely! Mallard looks so soft and pretty. Perfect knit.

Oh, but it is lovely and looks so nice on you. You really did well with it. What yarn did you use?

Thanks, all! I used Berroco Flicker yarn. It’s different, more of a very fine crocheted chain rather than a plied yarn but it works up beautifully!

Lovely cardi and model lol.

Are you a yarn shop owner or did you just happen to be in one when you had the photo taken?

Well done!


No, no shop owner here! I went by the shop where I bought the yarn to show it off. The owner likes to take a pic to post to her blog.

And I thought that was your stash. :wink:
Seriously, you’ll get compliments, I bet on it. You’ve done very beautifully. I’ve done much worse and get compliments. Feels so good when it happens.

It does feel good to get compliments on something I’ve made. And I love that the yarn is so soft and squishy. The only downside to it is that it sheds, little lavender bits all over! Oh well, it’s still pretty!

Maybe the shedding stop with washing. You’ll get rid of at least some of the tiny yarn bits that are coming off.