FO-Berrocco Napoli

A New Year’s miracle-it fits!!! Now…what shall I knit next???:knitting:

Pretty color! Looks nice on you!

It’s cute!!:yay:

What fun you’ll have wearing this!! Congrats, it looks great! Love the color! Isn’t it fun to be able to sit back and choose the next knitting adventure? :slight_smile:

Nice work-you look great in it!! (what a pretty color, too!)

Wow, what a cute sweater! I haven’t seen that pattern before, but I love it. You did a really good job with it, and the color is gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it.

:cheering: It looks great!


Lovely and the colour really suits you x

:thumbsup: Great job and love the color!

I really like it!

Great job, it looks lovely on you!

it looks great on you and fits you wonderfully!! great job!!

Looks great!

Pretty color! Good job on the sweater. :slight_smile:


Wow! Looks like a fun pattern!