FO - Bernat Baby Jacquards Knit Ruffle Hats

Those are so adorable. I will need to give them a try:inlove:

too cute!! I’ve saved the pattern for future reference too!! Love the colorways. Will have to look for that yarn.

Those are ADORABLE!!

Those are so darn cute. The twins will be adorable in them. Beautiful pom-poms, so full and round.

Thank goodness for Clover pom pom makers!! I went out and bought the smaller sizes for the pom poms on the booties.

:happydance: Very cute!

Just adorable! The yarn is lovely too!

Very cute! I’ll have to remember the name of that yarn; I love how they turned out.

Oh yummy! :heart: ADORABLE!!! :heart:

And thanks for the link for the pattern. :thumbsup: My printer is working on it right now!!!