FO: Bedtime Socks for Mom

I finished these just this night. They are made from 50% wool, 50% acrylic doubled yarn on size 9 needles. I used this pattern but added a cable on the first two needles. Hope you enjoy!
(my mom trying out her modeling skills :teehee: )

Close up of cable

lovely nice fitting
look comfey
I feel SO inadequate
I have started ONE sick, but have not gotten to the heel yet
amd might frog and start 2 toe up instead


Very lurvely! :heart: :heart:


They look very comfy - and the cable is wonderful!

The only reason I finished them so quickly was because they were on big needles, other wise I’d still be working on the first one. :teehee: . My mom says they are like a blanket on her feet and kept her warm last night. Thanks for all your compliments! :muah:

Super Cool Socks !! :cheering:

Those are great. Good job.

those are SO pretty!
did the 2 different balls have matching stripes?
her feet are looking very pleased with themselves. :teehee:

The two balls of yarn actually didn’t have matching stipes, I just started on whatever color that was there. Now, when you look at the tiny bit of yarn that’s left, you can’t even tell they’re the same kind, let alone the same dye lot. That’s why they’re so multicolored.

:rofl: :rofl: My mom’s feet are very pleased with themselves…thank you for saying so!