FO: Bear dresses

Returning to knitting after so many years I’m back to square 1. But the internet has changed everything!! This is so much more fun. And I’m so grateful for all the helpful people out there :hug:

I’m trying to knit clothes for my old dolls and teddy bear. I have one 18-inch composition doll (she’s been wearing the same “bridal dress” for about 60 years lol - although I don’t think it was her original outfit), a small baby doll with the bisque head and papier mache body, and my old teddy bear my grandmother gave me when I was 4.

The bear is pretty fragile, so I need designs that don’t stress her fur or stringing when I put them on or take them off. I couldn’t find any patterns that’d actually work, but they give me ideas, and help me learn to shape armholes and necklines etc -

I’ve done 3 dresses, pics below (I hope) - the red one was my first attempt - it turned out to be just kind of a big red bag with glitter, but it was passable as a Christmas dress. Fortunately, they’re in a little cabinet with glass doors, so nobody can see much detail :wink: Thanks for looking :waving: it’s really fun to have someone to share knitting with!

They are all adorable! Sounds like you’ll be making your own patterns, I wouldn’t have a clue where to find any. You’re off to a great start. Enjoy creating your own designs!

Hopefully someone can help you track down some patterns to work from. Starting toally from scratch is so hard.


All three are adorable and they look perfect on the teddy bear. I can’t wait to see what you make for the dolls.

Oh they look fabulous! Great job!

How cute! Glad to hear you were able to create your own designs and get ideas from some patterns you found. All of your creations turned out great!

It sounds like you’re having a good time with this, too! We certainly like looking at finished objects, so please post more when you can.

Thanks! I’ve started a skirt for the 18" doll and have a basic idea for the top, but this whole thing could go terribly wrong, lol. I HAVE to make her something, because when I dug these dolls out of storage about 8 years ago I had her restrung, and since her white wedding dress was more like grey, I washed it. I also shrank it. So, it doesn’t do up at the back - a little tacky, for a bride :wall:

Thanks Jan. AFTER I posted that I read the guidelines for posting on What’cha Knittin’. :fingerwag: Sorry - trust me, to do it backwards lol.

Now I know I should’ve included yarn info - I used Bernat’s Happy Holidays, a #4 yarn for the red dress, and their Baby Jacquard, a #3, for the other two.

Discovering how to reduce photo sizes was a great bonus - always a good thing to learn something new. I just used my mail and photo programs - easy once I played around with it a bit - I use a mac, don’t know if it’d work on a pc or not.

Thanks! I love looking at what other people choose to knit, too. I’m usually so envious of their ability, and sometimes I have no clue what they’re talking about. :whoosh:

I don’t get a lot of hobby time, so haven’t been on here much since I joined - trying harder to fit in more now. I guess everybody has to fight for their free time - years ago, when I worked, I’d knit on my lunch hour and breaks. Now I’m “retired” ha ha, there’s no lunch hour - and I don’t hear anybody saying, “It’s time for your break!”

Thanks! Yes, making my own patterns - I start with a basic idea of what I want then figure out the rest as I go. Definitely running before I learn to crawl, but I couldn’t see another way.

I need to learn more about knitting, and that’s where a pattern would help I guess -

As far as it being hard to start from scratch - well, it isn’t like a garment for a person - you wouldn’t believe how much you can cheat on doll clothes.:wink:

IslandTime: Your avatar looks a lot like my Yodel kitty, except my cat has one eye with an enlarged pupil where she was struck by a rattlesnake–oh, and her nose has a small scar, too, where the other fang got her!

It’s a beautiful cat. Is it yours, and if so, what’s its name?

Cheat? No cheating allowed, just unintended, unexpected design features. I noticed on another thread you were interested in lace patterns. I ran a search on free knit lace patterns. I’ll post a couple links in case you might find them useful.

I too jumped in over my head, but I started with kid size sweaters. I never would have made anything without lots and lots of help and encouragement here.

Those bears have style. Did they attend the Oscars last night and walk the red carpet??? :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: old as she is, she’s still got a pretty good right leg, so I think she could’ve struck a pose or two :woot:

Thanks for taking the time to do that! And thanks for the encouraging words. Kid size sweaters sound like a big project to me - that bear’s only 12 inches tall lol. And I’ll remember - it’s “creative design changes”. That’s another thing about doll clothes - cutsie things like buttons, ribbons, a little strategically-placed embroidery work well - all in the design, of course :wink:

So we have twin cats! A rattlesnake bite, omg poor thing! She must’ve been so scared - and right in the face - must’ve been so painful. Yodel - ohboy, I can only imagine how she got THAT name! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s our cat, Nigel. He was feral, probably about 10 months old, when he came into our backyard on a cold February night. We’d put food out for another cat which had strayed into our subdivision and become lost (she’s hopped a ride in a stranger’s car most likely, we found out later.) We did find a new home for her, but try as we did, for several weeks, nobody wanted a totally wild, totally black, unneutered male - so we ended up being cat staff. We couldn’t even get near him at first, and it took a looong time to tame him. Now, he’s almost 9 yrs old, and can communicate everything he wants, from brushing to food. Even plays tricks on us, hiding then launching himself from somewhere and scaring me half to death when I come by.

How big is Yodel? I’d love to see a pic. So - she’s got about 8 lives left? Nigel’s probably getting close to the “minus” column :stuck_out_tongue: considering he was born outside and had to fend for himself - and where we were living then, there were lots of raccoons and some coyotes - and he likes to jump and climb rooftops…

super cute dresses! now I want to make something for my daughter’s dolls too :slight_smile: (it wll be #127 on my list)

Well gosh! If these little gals don’t look adorable in their new clothing! These three jumpers are well-thought-out, and wonderfully knit! Love the colors and the yarns!

Oh, I just saw your response. It sounds like you have a keeper in Mr. Nigel. Now [U]who[/U] has trained [U]who[/U] around your house? Yeah, that’s what I thought–cat has finally got owners to do as he pleases!!!

Our little Yodel actually adopted us–she was the sole survivor of a house fire (very sad since her owner died in it), right before we bought our current residence (firemen were putting out the fire next door [I]while[/I] we were looking at this property). Anywho, we had thought of trying to find a good home for her, but my husband loves cats (and I like them, too, but I’m really a dog person) and wanted to keep her.

She’s not a very big cat–more like delicate, long, and lean, but she’s a real fighter. When other cats show up here, “she kicks butt and takes names.” She’s been known to attack skunks (ugh!) and dogs twice her size, but she learned a hard lesson with the rattlesnake. And yeah, she yodels quite plaintively when she gets trapped outside in cold/windy/wet weather–hence her moniker!

More than you wanted to know, I’m sure. I tried to take her picture, but she’s more interested in sleeping right now–imagine that! Maybe later! Thanks for sharing about your cat. He’s a real beauty!

These ‘beary’ dresses are delicious! How wonderful!
I bet they are the best dressed bears in town. I love them!