FO - Beanie, first project ever!

I finished this project about a month ago for my boyfriend - it was my first knitting project besides a square to practice with =P

I have since made a second one that looks pretty much the same in different colored yarn.

I used this pattern.

The only thing I ran into was the very top and how to finish it off without having awkward holes where the knitting didn’t quite come together. I still like it, since it’s still in a patten and not random holes, but I’d like to avoid it in the future. Any tips would be great!

The cap looks great, and he makes a good model. I don’t do hats and caps because no one in my family wears them, so don’t have any good ideas for you. Some one following will though, I have no doubt about that.

Your hat looks very nice. Don’t you love variegated yarn? All those nice stripes with no pain.

I’ve made lots of hats. I don’t understand the problem you said you had at the top. I can’t say that I see any holes. You just keep decreasing until you get to the top and then you run the tail through the remainder of stitches (usually a pretty small number 15 or less) and pull that nice and tight. Run it through to the inside and work it in.

Thanks, both of you ~

The yarn was nice, yep! I still have yet to learn how to make stripes and change colors in the middle of knitting…

As for the holes, the picture doesn’t show it very well, but there are light brown spots where his hair is peeking through. I did that, and when I ran the tail through and pulled it, I guess the stitches in the last row weren’t able to be pulled tight enough. As in, the loops from those stitches were still there and I couldn’t make them tight enough to where they were almost a knot around the center. Should I have weaved it through the remaining last loops somehow? I thought I pulled tight enough…

Here’s a closer picture from the other one…

Congratulations on your first project. It looks great.

It sure looks great to me, Espy!! Maybe it was the thickness of the yarn that prevented you from cinching up the final few stitches tighter. But, honestly, it looks fine to me!! :thumbsup:

I think it looks great and you did a brilliant job for a first project :slight_smile:

You did a really good job! I can’t believe you made a hat as your first FO. You are one adventurous person! GREAT job!

Congrats on your first project!! It looks great :happydance:

it looks great…I’ve CO 3 hats for my DH and, well, bought him one to get him through this winter. :slight_smile: Thanks for the link! And don’t call those “holes” call them “vents” and then it’s like they were planned. :slight_smile:

Yes, I see them now, but they are still not bad. My DH (who knits a bit and only made hats) wondered if it could have to do with needle changes on dpns near the top of the hat. If that could be a possibility you could try pulling tighter on the stitches when you change needles. It doesn’t look like you had any problem until you got near the very top, but it may get a little different feeling near the top. That is addressing the small holes that look like they are back the last couple of rounds.

I don’t know why when you ran the tail through the stitches and pulled, it would not close up snugly and satisfy you better. Here is how I finish the top of a hat. Whether I use dpns or 2 circulars… when I decide I’m done, I cut the yarn and thread the tail onto a tapestry needle. I don’t take the stitches off the needles, but begin to thread the needle and yarn tail into each stitch in the order I would have knit them had I done another row. After I have run the needle through a stitch I let it come off the end of the needle. You can do them one at a time, or several at once. When I have gone all the way around, I pull quite tightly on the tail to close up the top. Sometimes I do decide to run the tail back through all or part of the loops a second time, but you don’t have to do that. Then I pick a spot (I’m not very scientific about this part.) to take the yarn to the back side. Then I may pull a little more on the tail and then work it in so it will never get out. LOL That’s it.

I think your hat looks very nice though. Next time it will be even better. You’re doing very well.

Nice hat! Good work!

Looks great!!! :hug:

i like that! that is really good for your 1st project! thank you for sharing the pattern!

What a great first hat!