FO: Beaded Fingerless Mitts

Made these for granddaughter’s birthday. She will be 17 on the 13th. She loves hot pink and beads so I thought she’d like these. The pattern is Prudence from[B] Knitting in the Details[/B] (got at library :slight_smile: ), but I didn’t really follow the pattern much. I made them in the round instead of flat which involved some changing, I didn’t listen to anything she said about the thumb, just made one, and moved the diamond shaped set of beads to the finger end. They look like Prudence though.

Hot pink and beads, what’s not to love, and they’re so beautifully made. :thumbsup: Your granddaughter is very fortunate. Patterns are a starting point and what we do from there is up to us, your changes make these unique!

Your GD and mine share a birthday! Mine will be 14.

Wow! Very cool and I am sure she loves them! You did another great job!!!

Thanks GG. I love your little onion. What a hair cut. :slight_smile:


Oh, very pretty! I love the picot edging, the color and the beads. GG’s right as ever, who wouldn’t love a pair of these?

Wow, those are amazing! Nicely done!

Wonderful work, Judy! These fingerless mitts are really beautiful, especially the embellishment with beads part!

Very pretty! Who wouldn’t be delighted to get such a gift? Congratulations on a job well done.

Absolutely gorgeous! And they (most likely) have the added bonus of clicking when tap your hands against a hard surface, so with these your granddaughter can drive everyone insane! (At least, that’s what I’d do!)

Hi everyone. Today I got a 2 page letter (in the mail!!) from my DGD thanking me for the mitts and more. She is doing some knitting herself. I taught her some years ago and she says she remembers a lot of what I taught her. She reports that she is loving it. :cheering:

And they (most likely) have the added bonus of clicking when tap your hands against a hard surface, so with these your granddaughter can drive everyone insane!
Antares, I actually used the technique that is supposed to put the beads on the outside, but some of them wanted to pop through to the “body” side. I didn’t like that because I thought they might be cold and not feel that nice, so I went behind each bead and with some yarn sewed a little nip so that that the bead couldn’t pop through. No annoying tapping either, which might be a good thing. :lol:

The other day, away from my computer I realized that what I said in the last sentence made no sense whatsoever. How could keeping the beads from “bleeding” through to the inside prevent DGD from tapping the beads that are on the [I]outside[/I] of the mitt on surfaces. No smiles available on this edit. I need some rolling eyes here. lol


A two-page letter! Wow! Now doesn’t that give you the warm fuzzies? And in snail mail, too!

You’ve obviously got a very thoughtful, well-mannered granddaughter. That makes knitting for her even more fun!

Very fun and sooooo cool…what a grandma!! :cheering: :cheering:

Those are great! I know your granddaughter loves them!

Oh well, my original post didn’t make much sense anyway, so we’ll just be losing it together.

The main point is that these are gorgeous gloves, and she obviously loved them! 'Nough said, eh?

very beautiful. I love the color and the beads.