FO: BDF Sweater Coat and Hat

Once I seen this pattern, I knew that I had to make it! My niece went crazy when she seen it as well!!
It took me some time to locate a distributor that sold the pattern without purchasing the yarn.

Last week, I surprised my niece and here she is modeling her new baby! lol

Pattern: #1 Three Quarter Length Coat and Matching Hat
Magazine: #508 Bergere’ de France Knit Generation

Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous! What a fabulous gift. Lucky girl!

Wow! Gorgeous!

THAT is gorgeous!!! (and so is she, but my goodness, i do admire that sweater!)


That is really cool!

That is beautiful…lucky niece to have such a talented Aunt

She looks so happy in it! You did a great job :yay:

It looks GREAT! She clearly loves her new coat~you did a fantastic job!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

She looks fabulous!!!

Nice work! I bet she was surprised!

It’s beautiful, she looks so proud! I must also admit I’m quite envious of that spotless house as well :teehee:

Its beautiful!!! So perfect :thumbsup:

BTW Demonica - I noticed the spotless house too! We notice the things we wish for huh :roflhard:

That is gorgeous! Instead of a coat it looks like it could be worn alone as a dress. Really cool. You did a beautiful job with it.

Oh my! That is just gorgeous!!! wow!

Very stylish the lady and dress !both:cheering:

Thank you so very much!

LOL…spotless home because my son no longer lives at home!!

Thank you, Jan and Everyone responsible for this site! I am a self taught knitter and this site has been a great help!

Yes! She was very surprised!

Beautiful work! I love it. :heart: