FO: Bayerische socks!

Hey everyone! I finished my Eunny Jang Bayerische socks :slight_smile: I love them so much! They’re in Knit Picks Essential African Violet, knit on size 0 Knit Picks nickel plated dpns. These, along with my Eunny Jang Print o’ the Wave stole, are my favorite things I’ve ever knit. More details on the Ravelry, as usual. I love and appreciate ALL feedback - please let me know what you think!

These socks are beautiful :heart:!!! You are the master sock knitter :notworthy:

Beautiful socks, and beautiful knitting as usual!

Love the color, too.

wow those look awesome!!!

Great job!!:yay:

I love purple and I love cable, so this is a marriage made in heaven. I think they are amazing.

They look wonderful. Great work as usual.

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: You are the sock queen!! Those are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful knitting.


Beautiful work!

WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Seeing your socks makes me want to try myself! Lovely pattern!

Gorgeous, just GORGEOUS!!

They’re gorgeous as usual Rachel! You know what’s funny? I saw the title of this thread and I thought “I bet that’s Rachel”…why did I know this would be you? Probably because you’re a sock fiend and you knit the most intricate patterns.

haha THANKS! :slight_smile: What a compliment! lol Glad to not disappoint!!! HAHA

BEAUTIFUL RACHEL!!! The color is pretty too.

:passedout: Gorgeous…

Those are so elegant looking. I bookmarked the pattern. Maybe someday…

Great job and thanks for sharing.


Holy Cow!!! You are getting so good at sock knitting. You are so far past my league. Fast too!!! These are beautiful socks. Congratulations.

They look fantastic . I just love the colour too:)

My favorite color and the pattern is great, Good job!

I can see why these two FO’s are your favs. I’ll take them whenever you get tired of them! :roflhard: Beautiful stitching. Wear them with pride!

Those socks are a work of ART!! Absolutely gorgeous… I just made my first sock that did not have a hole in first try had a hole around the heel…so I can really appreciate your expertise…thanks for sharing…