FO - Baudelaire Socks

They are finished!! I am so happy with them. The colour is fun, and the pattern was interesting and enough to keep the boredom away, even with the second sock.

[B]Pattern[/B]: Baudelaire
[B]Size[/B]: Large
[B]Yarn[/B]: Bernat Sox in colour ‘Pink Hot’, less than 2 balls
[B]Needles[/B]: Addi Turbo, size 0 using magic loop
[B]Modifications[/B]: used magic cast-on for toe instead of figure 8

Very pretty! I love the color!!


Love the color, I am really going to have to try socks sometime soon.

Absolutely love the color! Great job getting them both done!

Those are beautiful! I love the color, too. How fun. :inlove:

:inlove: gorgeous! congratulations! :inlove::cheering:

Love the socks! I’m addicted to socks right now - have been since I started knitting the suckers forever ago. Good job!

Very pretty! :cheering: Great job!

I really like those! I love the pattern and I like toe up socks. :slight_smile: Great job!

Gorgeous socks! I’m getting ready to make some birthday socks for a friend and was looking at this pattern yesterday! They look fantastic :inlove:

Thank you so much everyone for your nice compliments!! I’ll have to wait until fall to wear them though! :lol:

Knitqueen, The socks came out just beautiful!! I’m not a sock knitter, but seeing how great your’s came out, makes me want to start!

Are going to make another pair? If so, what color would you make them in this time?
Have a great day!:hug:

Thank you! I think if I made another pair, I’d make them in a slightly variagated yarn - maybe something neutral, or at least less bold than the hot pink ones!! I like the hot pink, but you can’t wear that everyday :lol:.

The only other thing I’d do differently is that I would not do the instructions for the larger instep. I don’t have dainty feet or ankles so I thought it would be necessary, but the leg part is just a tad looser than the very snug fit of the foot portion and I wish it was all just as snug. They do fit fine, and stay up, but I’d like that extra snugness.