(FO) Basketweave Stitch Knitted Coaster

I had mentioned I was going to knit coasters, and show one of them on here. Now, I am showing my first knitted coaster. It was made using the basketweave stitch, which makes a pretty basketweave pattern in the fabric. It will be part of a set of four coasters.

Looks great! Did it come out the size you wanted?

Thank you! :slight_smile: Yes, it did; I had to knit 22 rows in it to make it the size I wanted. I kept testing it when it was almost done to see how many more rows I needed for it (I put it under a glass or cup to see if it covered the whole bottom of it). This is a good tip to follow when knitting coasters.

That’s lovely! Are you going to make four in the same pattern or different patterns? Either way they’re going to look wonderful.

I am going to be making four in the same pattern. I will also be making four sets of coasters in the basketweave pattern, as I have with the one I am showing to everyone. This is because they will be a holiday gift for family members when December comes around.

P.S. Thank you!

I like that a lot. They’ll be lovely gifts!

Thank you! :slight_smile: