FO - Basketweave Baby Blanket

Here’s the first baby blanket I’ve completed - also just finished two more, but haven’t taken the picture yet. We’re into winter in Australia, so the mom was glad for a warm one for her newborn!


That is just lovely and the baby is going to love it!

I want to try to knit one of these. Can’t wait to see what baby is so I can get the ‘right’ color. :teehee:


Great job!! I wish I knew someone having a baby so I could knit blankies, woobies, and sweaters! :teehee:

That’s lovely…what was the yarn you used? Chilly in Sydney tonight…I want one several times bigger! :slight_smile:

Nice work Aussie!! :thumbsup:

Nice Job! I’m working on a baby blanket now but its slow going with a lot of knitting distractions.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. The yarn was a discontinued yarn I got at one of the Spotlight stores in Perth - Moda Vera’s “Ciau Ciau”, I think. Very nice to work with!

That is just beautiful !!!


That’s very pretty–I love basket weave and you did a great job with it!